Dietrich’s Auction Service

Welcome to DIETRICH’S Auction Service, a company dedicated to sincere, honest professional service and results. DIETRICH’S Auction Service is capable of handling many types of auctions; including but not limited to, estates, real estate, farms, liquidations, retirement, antiques, and collections. Regardless of what type of auction is being conducted, we will deliver a personal, courteous, auction experience.

We will investigate and utilize any available resources to provide a quality service. Using printed and electronic media, your auction will be exposed to the widespread buying public. This advertising is to achieve the most favorable current market values, be it real estate, personal property, or specialty items.

I’m Ed Dietrich, the auctioneer who organizes DIETRICH’S Auction Service. I am licensed and bonded in PA since 2001. Family and friends share many of the other duties in the auction event. Often providing valuable input and assistance is my oldest brother, Lynn Dietrich. With over 40 years as an auctioneer in PA, Lynn’s varied experiences and knowledge are a great asset to the team.

Thank you for visiting this site, and if I may be of any assistance, please contact me. Email or 570-573-0411 and leave a message.


Ed Dietrich